Jeff Sharkey

More Snow

Well, we finally got more snow! Last night around 2AM it started snowing like crazy, and we ended up with about 3-4 inches on the ground by this morning. So now it’s going to be awfully cold over the next week, barely getting above freezing if we’re lucky.

Remember that webcam I setup last week? I’ve been archiving it, and I wrote a nice Linux script that runs each day and makes a time-lapse video of the entire day. Here’s what happened today with the snow:

Not much happened, oh well. Anyway, right now it encodes to MPEG-4 and each second of video is about 15 minutes of real time. I’m using a PHP script I wrote, along with mencoder (MPEG-4) and ffdshow (Flash) to encode the video, and then archive the day in a zip file.