Jeff Sharkey

GroupHome: organize your Android apps into groups

So I’ve been rushing to wrap up some Android side projects, and I’d like to get them out there before I start my new job tomorrow.

GroupHome is an app that organizes all the apps you’ve installed on your phone. It automatically groups together apps using the categories shown in Android Market. The “all apps” drawer on my homescreen has become pretty cluttered, and this grouping approach helps you find apps faster.

Oh, and one feature I really like is that you can long-press on an app to uninstall it or view its details.

I wrote GroupHome in about 3 days last week, so it’s still a bit rushed and still rough around the edges. The three remaining things are full-text search, remembering expanded/collapsed groups on close, and moving the static JSON category string to a server.

Check out the source dump for GroupHome, or grab a ready-to-run GroupHome APK.