Jeff Sharkey

More CompareEverywhere news coverage

I’ve been swamped lately with Android and moving across the country, but was able to give an interview to my hometown ABC affiliate in Duluth, Minnesota over Thanksgiving. It ended up running as the main story for their 10PM news, and was also picked up by the Minneapolis ABC affiliate.

I was lucky enough to have an HDHomeRun networked TV tuner handy to record it in wonderful 720p ATSC:

Seriously, if you’re building a MythTV box, this is the tuner to buy–it has two HDTV/Cable TV tuners and everything runs across normal Ethernet, making it perfect for sticking in the attic right next to your antenna for better SNR margins. And yay, they mentioned that I was homeschooled!

And about a month ago I had the awesome opportunity to be part of an Android Developers interview series while I was visiting Google:

It was a great way to show how CompareEverywhere works, and how it integrates with the Android platform. I was also able to talk about Stateful Drawables and the Hierarchy Viewer, which are both excellent tools for developers.

I’m excited to continue getting the word out there about CompareEverywhere, and more new features are still down the road, like seamless wishlist importing and more.