Jeff Sharkey

Google I/O Schedule App

Tomorrow at Google I/O I’ll be presenting some tips on how developers can save battery life when writing Android apps. I’m really stoked about all the stuff going on at I/O this year. 🙂

Late last week, Virgil Dobjanschi, who you might remember from ADC1, threw out the idea of writing an Android app for Google I/O that would have all the session details. Both of us brainstormed on Friday and came up with a quick design, and hacked through the holiday weekend to get an app working.

We just released the app on Market a few minutes ago, so go check it out! It lets you do all sorts of things, like star sessions you’re interested in, and search across the entire full-text abstracts for all sessions. Plus it includes handy maps to help you find the right rooms, and links directly to Google Moderator for the sessions using it.

The source for the whole app is also available on Google Code, so check that out if you’re looking for a peek behind-the-scenes. Some of the code is still a bit rough, but some good example code. 🙂 So grab the app before you head down to Moscone West tomorrow morning, and have a great couple of days at I/O!